Program: Student Exhibitions

Want to see your students’ work exhibited at the North Carolina Museum of Art?

Design and implement your own art-integrated lesson incorporating a work of art from the North Carolina Museum of Art collection.

Entries must include:

  • Title of the related ArtNC lesson plan (if applicable) and a description of any modifications you made OR a description of the art-integrated lesson plan created by you.
  • Photo of the implementation of the lesson plan in the classroom (jpeg is recommended). Entries ideally include reflections (video clips or in writing) of students recorded after or in the process of creating work products.
  • Photos of the best student work samples (jpeg is recommended).
  • Two- to three-sentence description explaining why you think the student’s product is exemplary.

Submissions from any grade level or subject area are welcome. Two-dimensional works must be no larger than 18 x 24 inches, and three-dimensional works should be less than 10 inches deep.

Works will be selected based on the originality of the student work sample and the quality of the art-integrated lesson plan.

Fall 2016 Exhibition

Apply by June 30, 2016

To submit an entry, e-mail Kristin Smith.

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