Work of Art: Cloud Chamber for the Trees and Sky
Chris Drury
born Sri Lanka
born 1948
Cloud Chamber for the Trees and Sky
Stone, wood, and turf
Approx. diameter: 12 ft. (3.66 m)
Commissioned by the North Carolina Museum of Art with funds from the North Carolina State Art Society (Robert F. Phifer Bequest)

Chris Drury creates functioning sculptures in the landscape that appear almost as organic outgrowths of the natural world. This cloud chamber, one of a series, operates as a walk-in camera obscura, or pinhole camera, with a small opening in the roof as the aperture. Once inside (with the door closed for optimal effect), the viewer sees an inverted image of the sky on the floor of the chamber. Instead of looking up at the sky, trees, and clouds, the viewer looks down on them. Drury has reoriented perspective.


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