Work of Art: Crossroads/Trickster I
Martha Jackson-Jarvis
born 1952
Crossroads/Trickster I
Brick, steel, mortar, glass tile, stone
H. 20 ft. (6.1m)
Commissioned by the North Carolina Museum of Art with funds from Wachovia Bank and the North Carolina Department of Transportation Enhancement Program, 2005

Placed at the threshold between the field and forest, Crossroads/Trickster I marks a transitional point from public to private, manmade to natural, open to enclosed. The sculpture combines brightly colored Italian glass tiles, carnelian stones, and shattered bricks (recycled from the Polk youth correctional facility, located on this property from 1920 to 1997). The artist has described her use of the prison bricks as "time capsules," a way of creating a new work of art that speaks to the historical significance of this place. The sculpture is also closely connected to the surrounding landscape. Rooted in the ground, its monumental shape and scale echo the tree trunks in the forest behind it, and its earth-toned palette of red, brown, and orange ties it to the natural world. 

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