UNT ArtEd Students- Jennifer N and Jessica N
by jennifer.neill

The lesson idea is for students to view at two different works and create a piece of artwork that challenges how the viewer perceives it. The students could get into small groups and collaborate on one piece that would be considered a traditional way of viewing the piece and place it somewhere else, changing how it is viewed or how it interacts with the environment. The teacher and class could discuss about how artwork changes based on personal experiences, its environment and how it is displayed. For more advanced art students, the teacher would challenge them to create intricate or complex works and how either their own works speaks to each other or how the artwork interacts with their classmates within a given space. UNT Art Ed class: Jennifer Neill and Jessica Nunez Left: Dancing Duke John Chamberlain Location: Dallas Museum of Art https://www.dma.org/collection/artwork/john-chamberlain/dancing-duke Right: Underground Kathy Sherman Suder Location: Currently at the Phoenix Art Museum

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